My condition is getting worse, all my life savings are gone – Transgender Jay Boogies in tears after failed BBL (Video)

Popular Nigerian transgender Jay Boogie in a latest video breaks into tears as he begs Nigerians for help after a failed BBL surgery.

Recall Jay Boogie had earlier took to the internet to publicly criticize his doctor for conducting a poorly executed surgery that poses a serious threat to his life.

Another information that surfaced online also disclosed that following the botched surgery, Jay Boogie also found it difficult to urinate.

Days after he joined Salvation Ministries online morning devotion as a way to seek God’s intervention due to his present predicament, Jay Boogie in the latest video said his condition is getting worse.

He added that he had lost all his life savings to the BBL surgery and nobody is donating funds anymore.

Shedding tears, Jay Boogie asserts that he doesn’t know if he will survive till tomorrow as a result of his critical condition.

In his words; “Please Nigerians come and help me, My condition is getting worse by the day, The Doctor has abandoned me, all my life savings are gone, I don’t have any money again, I don’t know If I will survive till tomorrow.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

useful_herbs: One thing I need to say is please if planning BBL save money for possible surgical complications. Because it is one of the riskiest surgeries. It doesn’t make sense to spend every dime you have on the surgery and have no money to take care of yourself if you develop complications. What if people are not able to donate enough money?

ubigho_ome: Let’s all contribute money for her so he can get good treatment 😢I feel b@d for her though 😢I pray God give her the strength to overcome this 🙏🙏🙏🙏.

fashion_magicblog: And bob that this guy is trying to act like I am very sure bob didn’t touch his body .

sholanaira: It’s high time Bobrisky shows up for his people…

golddesire_oma: We are all adult and should always stand the consequences of our action, it’s not like the sugery was important and necessary but he knows everything but chose to underwent for it, Yes he is hurting but the truth is that he should face the consequences of his adult actions.. The music he on, let him dance to the tune 🎵, if it was appendix or something that is life related that he must do ,it would have been understandable but a man trying so hard to be like a woman, he allow social media pressure to get the best part of him and he has forgotten there is reality!! Oya omego face the music Nna.

nene_george:  His voice is back to its original settings. Not that I’m laughing at him, but the truth is that we can’t mock God. He has a reason why he made us the way we are so why try to go on a different direction? Disobedience to God always comes with it’s own consequences. Nwokem I’m really really very sorry for your situation. Wishing you speedy recovery.

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